Broken Denture Repair

See how easy it is to send your denture repair!


Send your dentures safely.

 After you've filled in the order form, take your denture and place it into a zip lock sandwich bag along with any loose pieces.
 To give your denture extra protection during shipment, try to find an empty plastic soap box if your intentions is to ship overnight. Place your denture into the soap box. If you don't have one, then we suggest you wrap your denture up with paper towel as padding and use a FREE corrugated shipping box as provided by USPS.
 Sending 2-Business Day (Priority Mail)
When you go to the Post Office, you can choose the following for 2 business day Priority Mail.
This box is 7" x 7" x 6", and will cost about $7 with insurance and tracking.
 Sending Overnight (Express Mail)
This is where the soap box comes handy. If you want to send your dentures overnight, we suggest you use the Flat Rate Envelope. You can place the soap box and order form inside. The cost is $17.50 to send your repair to us overnight.